Big Boi Says Scott Storch Collabo Happened 'By Chance'

'I was just like, 'Boy, give it to me,' ' Big recalls of hearing producer's funky 'Shutterbugg' for the first time.

Big Boi's "Shutterbugg" not only proved to be the breakout single the Atlanta MC needed to get his long-delayed Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty a release date, but the slinky number also gives Scott Storch his first legitimate hit in nearly four years.

The Grammy-winning producer once provided artists with chart-toppers on a regular basis, but a string of troubles sidelined him in recent years. The Outkast rapper, however, told MTV News he wasn't aware of Storch's personal problems. A friend, Big Boi said, simply relayed a message from the producer saying he had a record for him.

"I was finishing the song 'Sumethin's Gotta Give,' with Mary J.

Blige. We was at Lenny Kravitz's studio, and my homeboy, who manages Yelawolf right now, was like, 'Scott Storch is looking for you. He said he got a beat he been sitting on for two years that got your name written all over it,' " Big Boi recalled. "We finished the song with Mary, [Storch] came and picked us up — drop-top Phantom — drove us to his house, went in his house, went in his studio.

"This man played a song at the loudest volume I heard a song played in my life," Big laughed. "The first song he played was "Shutterbugg." Man, it came on, I was just like, 'Boy, give it to me.' Took the beat, went to Atlanta, brought my band in, keyboard and guitar players, we laid a couple layers of funk on top of it. [Producer] Bosko came in and put the 'talkbox' on it, made it all the way funky."

Critics have singled out the track as a favorite and showered praise on the veteran lyricist's proper solo debut. And the "Shutterbugg" video is as colorful as the track, with an array of images bursting through the clip. And although Big Boi tapping Storch for "Shutterbugg" has helped the Miami producer continue his comeback, for the rapper, it was just a matter of good timing.

"Certain things happen by chance," Big said. "I didn't plan on working with Scott Storch, but it happened and he was jamming."

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