Kaskade 'Still In Shock' He Knocked Justin Bieber From iTunes Top 10

'I just wasn't prepared for this,' the DJ/producer tells MTV News of his Dynasty album bumping My World 2.0.

These days, Justin Bieber is a chart goliath. It's hard to take the Biebs down. But progressive house-music DJ/producer Kaskade managed that feat last week, when his Dynasty album debuted on the iTunes albums chart at #5, knocking Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 out of the top 10.

So what does it feel like to be embraced by the mainstream?

"I think I'm still kind of in shock, disbelief," Kaskade told MTV News. "This entire week ... just celebrating the entire time. It's been crazy. I knew the fans were ready. ... I knew people were anticipating the release. Honestly, I didn't expect anything close to this."

Although Kaskade is a veteran of the house-music world, to pop-music listeners, he was anything but a household name. "I've been touring for seven years and put out music," the Los Angeles DJ said. "I just wasn't prepared for this. It's just a testament to what's going on in music culture in general. People are ready for dance music. If a small indie artist like me can come up and be like, 'Justin Bieber, move aside. It's time for my little show now' — it's just crazy. No one would have ever thought."

Not surprisingly, given the volatility of the iTunes chart, Kaskade's album has since dropped significantly: At press time, it was at #59, while My World 2.0 sits at #23. That hasn't made Kaskade's accomplishment any less sweet. He laughed when we reminded him about his taunting tweet, posted as his album first charted: "Living the dream — just took out Justin Bieber on iTunes top 10 albums chart! Help me take out Glee."

"That was hilarious," he laughed. "I'm glad that you understood that I was joking. It's the most talked-about thing I've ever posted. I mean, even on Facebook [people are like], 'It's dance music's time.' "

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