'Glee' Star Jane Lynch Says She 'Terrorizes Everybody' In New Season

'There's a lot of sexual blackmail,' actress says of her character Sue Sylvester's exploits.

The upcoming season of "Glee" is set to pay tributes to the work of Madonna and Lady Gaga, but fans are also excited to see just how the relationships will change when the latest episode premieres Tuesday (April 13). Jane Lynch, who plays the tough-as-nails gym teacher Sue Sylvester on the hit show, assured us that Sue will be back to her old, mean tricks.

"She terrorizes everybody, still. She gets inappropriate with a bunch of guys. There's a lot of sexual blackmail," she told MTV News at the premiere party. "She does a little singing with Olivia Newton John. She gets put in her place in a very interesting, cruel ways by Mr. Will Schuester himself. He gets kind of rough with her and he really hurts her feelings."

This season fans of the show will also get to learn a bit more about why Sue acts the way she does. "We learn more about Sue and, then again, she's the same person who puts kids in a headlock," she said. "Sue's kind of exacting revenge now because I believe she was treated really poorly as a high school kid and now ... she's going to get her power back. And she's going to terrorize everybody, even though she's 30 years older than these kids ... she perceives as being one of those kids. She's gonna get 'em back!"

Lynch also admitted that having a new generation of guys fawning all over her does feel kind of good. "Sixteen-year-old boys are like my demo now," she said. "I was saying on 'Oprah,' not to drop names, those boys when I was a kid [didn't pay attention to me] and now the 14-year-old girl in me [gets excited] ... It's great!"

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