'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Premiere Special Tells The Film's Untold Stories

The special airs Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on MTV.

You've been hearing about it for months, since the days just after his death: the rehearsal footage of [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] as he geared up for his epic comebacks concerts in London. On Tuesday (in select markets) and Wednesday, finally, the recordings will be unleashed as the documentary "Michael Jackson's This Is It." Hours before then, the red-carpet premiere kicks off in Los Angeles and MTV News will be broadcasting live in front of the Nokia Theatre as the action unfolds.

Airing on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET, MTV's special will showcase inside stories you've never heard before about MJ and his planned concerts. We sat down for in-depth interviews with dancers, band members, the choreographer Travis Payne and the director Kenny Ortega — all those people who knew Jackson so well during his final days and who were helping him put the entire production together. It's all part of the untold story of how the "This Is It" concert series came to be, how Jackson planned to make them his best shows ever, and what it was like working with the King of Pop on what became his final project.

One segment called "The King of Pop: Royally High Expectations" details how MJ's aspirations to make this the greatest concert ever meant that everybody worked around the clock to ensure his high standards were upheld. Musicians, dancers and Ortega tell stories about Michael being such a perfectionist that he'd notice even a few missing notes in a song.

Another segment shows the "This Is It" crew dishing the secrets they unearthed while working with the legendary pop star -- from the reasons he wore those iconic white socks to the power behind his cologne. And the special also takes a look at MJ's last 24 hours, as those who worked with him talk about Michael's last rehearsal.

Anchoring all the proceedings from the carpet will be Sway and Tim Kash. They'll be greeting stars as they arrive and getting their personal stories about meeting, working with or admiring Michael Jackson. And it all begins on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.