Miley Cyrus Dishes On Onscreen And Real-Life Boyfriends

What does Justin Gaston think of 'Hannah Montana' love scenes? 'He's seen the movie, and it's only acting.'

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[url id=""]Miley Cyrus[/url] is one lucky lady. Not only does she get to date a real-life stud (model/musician Justin Gaston), but in "Hannah Montana: The Movie," she manages to wrangle herself a cute cowboy.

So if Miley Cyrus likes models, what type does Miley Stewart go for? Well, Lucas Till plays the guy who catches her eye in the upcoming film.

"He's a cute kid, and I like that he doesn't like the Hannah character," she said about Till's Travis Brody. "He likes the Miley character, and he shows her back to reality, and I like that."

Cyrus might think Travis is cute for her character, but in real life, her heart belongs to Gaston — and he doesn't seem to mind sharing his girl onscreen.

"He's seen the movie, and it's only acting, so I guess you gotta keep that in your mind," she said. "And I'm sure it's probably a little hard, but we're actors. We gotta be good at our jobs."

Till said there's no problems between him and Gaston. "He's a nice guy," he said. "I didn't see any animosity there for any reason."

There is one guy who has an issue: Miley's former onscreen love interest Cody Linley. The actor, who co-stars with Cyrus on the "Hannah Montana" TV show, has beef with Till's Travis.

"She's got a boyfriend in the movie. Where is he? I'm going to lay the smackdown," he joked to MTV News. "Everyone knows her real boyfriend is right here. I can probably whoop Lucas' ass. ... I'm just joking, but if you do want to fight, let's go!"

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