Wolfmother Hope To Upset Nine Inch Nails And Tool, Wolf Down A Grammy

Band recently cranked out new track 'Love Attacker'; plan to tour through July.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — With gigs February 9 in the U.K. and February 13 in Holland, what are the chances Aussie band and first-time nominees Wolfmother will make the Grammys on February 11?

"For sure we'll be there, without a doubt," singer/guitarist Andrew Stockdale said. "This is the highlight of the year. We've got to be there to experience it, see what it's all about."

And perhaps collect a trophy in the Best Hard Rock Performance category for their single "Woman"?

"It's Tool, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down and Buckcherry, so I think we have a very good chance," Stockdale said, marking his sarcasm with laughter. "No. Who knows with those kinds of things? It's in the hands of the Grammy gods. We're just honored to be a part of the Grammy establishment, and to contribute our rock and roll vision and bring it forward to America and be appreciated."

Wolfmother, after all, have only released one album — their self-titled debut, which came out early last year. And Stockdale never dreamed it would take him as far as it has.

"The first thing you're thinking when you start a band is expression and escapism or whatever it is that you are looking for," the singer explained. "The funny thing is, you kinda realize that all the other bands are interested in that [awards] thing when you meet them at award shows and they have made like three or four records and they're like, 'I'm hoping I can win this.' And I think because this is our first record, and we've never really had the time to foster those ambitions and we've never seen them pass us by, it's all just a surprise whenever something comes along."

Wolfmother celebrated the news of their Grammy nomination last month by writing a new song, which they've since recorded.

"The working title is 'Love Attacker,' " Stockdale said. "It's about people who use love as a weapon to manipulate and get their way through desire."

Stockdale's unsure whether the song will turn up on Wolfmother's next album or someplace else first. "It might be out there in no time at all," he said. "No plans have been made ... but it's very exciting to be doing another song."

As for that next album, Wolfmother don't expect to be back in the studio again until the fall.

"We do have a lot of jams, like incoherent pieces of music, that at least could get the ball rolling," Stockdale said. "And I have a few ideas I've been working on in hotels and stuff, which is kind of the way half of the record was written last time. Sometimes it can be a long process and sometimes it happens really quickly, so you just have to keep the fishing net open for ideas and hope that you catch a few."

So why the long wait? Well, tour dates in Japan, Europe and Australia are scheduled through early April, after which Wolfmother plan to hit the States one more time.

"We'll be touring till probably July, and then we'll probably take a break and start working on the second record at the end of [2007]," Stockdale said.

Wolfmother have already toured for more than a year behind their debut LP, but Stockdale's well aware of what it takes to keep on truckin'. "Drink lots of water and get eight hours of sleep a night," he advised. "I used to try and go out all the time and just have three or four hours [rest] and after months, you definitely will burn out.

"And I think, the other thing is, just be honest," he continued. "I think when you deal with the press or whatever, maybe people put themselves through a lot of anxiety trying to be more than they actually are, and that creates this kind of anxiety within the band. I think you just got to relax and let the music take its path. And enjoy playing shows and traveling — enjoy the experience while it lasts, 'cause this is a transient business."