Darrin has no package, what are you talking about? He is 6'4 and he NO penis.

Goldfinger: Hey, this Darrin and I 'm here to

assist you in all your sexual endeavors.

Skapocalypse: Darrin, where are you now? I'm

going to see you guys in San Antonio tomorrow.

Goldfinger: We are in Dallas right now.

Skapocalypse: So you're gonna play a

Metallica cover for me tomorrow night, right?

Goldfinger: Probably not, we are going to do

a Spice Girls cover instead. So enjoy.

sabres: Darrin, want to roll to a Sabres game


Goldfinger: Sure, you buying the tickets?

Gothchick: So how old are all of you?

Goldfinger: I am 14, that's how old I act. I

am 28 years old really.

dannyhc: Next time you come to NC, can my

band open? We are called "Josef Skalin and the


Goldfinger: Sure, when you know that there is

going to be a show in your town or near by call the promoter to

see if there is an opening spot. Tell the promoter that you

talked to me and I said it's cool.

Gothchick: Do all of you pretty much know

each other?

Goldfinger: No, we are still strangers and we

never talk. We don't know each others birthdays, last names or

where to send the money. We are still waiting for some checks.

Skapocalypse: Darrin just wanted to tell you

how great I think your live shows are. Your last show at Liberty

Lunch in Austin was one of the most fun shows I've ever been to.

Goldfinger: That was awhile ago, wow, thanks!

dannyhc: I think you should cover


Goldfinger: There is no way that we would

ever do that ever.

dannyhc: How about "Nothing My Love

Can't Fix For You Baby" by Joey Lawrence?

Goldfinger: We played a show with Joey

Lawrence once and John made out with him. Joey broke his heart so

we have been banned from speaking about Joey and we can't play

his songs.

freestylebiking: I always wanted to know what

the song "SUPERMAN" meant?

Goldfinger: It's about feeling older than you

are, and trying to retain your youth and forgetting about your

problems and trying to have fun.

sabres: When are you guys coming back to


Goldfinger: Is that DC or state?

sabres: When are you coming back to

Washington DC?

Goldfinger: No idea. There is a rad chick

there that I want to hook up with again.

sabres: When you are done hooking up with

that girl in DC, can I treat you to a Washington Redskins game?

Goldfinger: I am not going to be done with

that girl for awhile. It's an all night affair. Thanks though.

dannyhc: Have you hooked up with Monique yet?

I hear she is EASY!

Goldfinger: The whole band got with her first

show. We took her out to the bus and we all got busy.

freestylebiking: Do you guys BMX or Skate?

Goldfinger: Me and John skate. I am a better

skater than John. John and I both snow board frequently.

supermansdog: Goldfinger,

what is your favorite song?

Goldfinger: In the whole world? Or just one

of our songs?

Supermansdog: What is your favorite song of

yours, Goldfinger?

Goldfinger: "Fuck LA."

guest101: This is Ryan from Ames, great show

the other night. Did you watch that South Park

tape I gave you?

Goldfinger: Yeah, I watched it. We laughed

our asses off, thanks soooo much!

dannyhc: Don't be offended but I have seen

you guys 6 times, and Charlie still scares the shit out of me!

Goldfinger: We are not offended. Charlie

scares the shit out of me too.

freestylebiking: What bands do you like?

Goldfinger: The Smiths, Bad Brains, Sublime,

Madness, Police ,Metallica, Oasis.

dannyhc: I am so glad you like Oasis, they

are great live.

Goldfinger: I hate Oasis. Simon loves them.

Zombie: Hey GoldFinger, are

you coming to New-Brunswick Canada?

Goldfinger: We are planning a very long

extensive Canadian tour in January. Keep your fingers crossed, we

may make it.

Phloxy: Darrin, you are really HOT.

Goldfinger: My temperature is 98.7 pretty

normal, thanks.

freestylebiking: When did you guys first

start making songs?

Goldfinger: First we got married then we

discussed making songs, we didn't know that we could financially

support the songs, but we made them anyway. They have matured and

grown to make us proud.

freestylebiking: What was the most screwed

thing that happened at one of your live concerts?

Goldfinger: John shaved my head at an LA show

once, I played the show with a Prodigy haircut, but way crooked.

It was really funny.

dannyhc: The Aquabats are crazy guys, do they

smoke crack?

Goldfinger: They smoke crystal meth as far as

I know. And they all have HUGE penises.

guest101: Darrin, the inside of your bus is

awesome, it looks like a "pimp pad." I bet you take all

the chicks in there right? Did you give that note to John that I

gave you to give to him in Ames???

Goldfinger: Yes, I did and it is a pimp

lounge for all of our pimp activities. We shag guys, girls no

matter. Simon prefers boys.

dannyhc: Do you like New York hard-core?

Goldfinger: Yes, I grew up on NY hard-core.

311Phreak: What other bands do you guys look

up to?

Goldfinger: We look up to Barry Manilow,

Julio , The Spice Girls, Kenny G, Matchbox 20.

guest101: What happened to 'viva la


Goldfinger: It's just a little offensive. It

was funny but we grew out of it.

Zombie: Who's your favorite SPICE GIRL?

Goldfinger: Ginger Spice.

MarkObnoxious: Does traditional ska influence

Goldfinger at all?

Goldfinger: Absolutely! Skatalites, Specials,


juandela: What influences the pop side of you


Goldfinger: The Replacements, REM, The

Beatles, The Police, Madness.

MortyMort: Do you guys like booze?

Goldfinger: Half the band drinks, the other

half doesn't. No one gets stupid drunk.

guest101: Darrin, I know you want those

little Hanson kids. You would love to take them on your pimp

mobile (shag bus)wouldn't you?

Goldfinger: Yes I would. I like boys and so

does Simon. Charlie and John take the women in the front and

Simon and I take the boys to the back.

Goldfinger: I am taking off, John is coming

on now.

Goldfinger: Hey it's John, ask questions.

Zombie: Hey John, what's your favorite SKA


Goldfinger: The 60's Wailing Wailers, 70's

The Specials and 80's Fishbone, 90's Reel Big Fish.

Phloxy: John, how did you like the show in

Scranton, PA? It was awesome!

Goldfinger: It was the best show we have ever

played and say hi to Hector.

Skapocalypse: John, tell me your suit size!

Goldfinger: Pants- 32/30 jacket 40.

MortyMort: Do you guys do any Operation Ivy


Goldfinger: We do a really high school

version of "Knowledge," and a rad cover of


juandela: John, tell me your pop influences!

Goldfinger: Beatles, Elvis Costello, Police,

Blondie, The Who, The Jam, Beach Boys.

MarkObnoxious: What's the worse reception

you've ever gotten from a crowd?

Goldfinger: Houston , 2 months ago a hundred

people who all took too much Prozac that day.

MortyMort: Cool, are you on the tribute cover


Goldfinger: Duran Duran tribute? Yes, we

cover "Rio."

Skapocalypse: So John re you gonna convince

Darrin and the rest of the guys to play a Metallica cover for me

tomorrow? I'll be your best friend.

Goldfinger: Which song?

Skapocalypse: Anyone, I loved it when you

opened with "For Whom The Bell Tolls" when I saw you

guys last.

Goldfinger: I will see what I can do, come up

to me before the show and remind me.

MarkObnoxious: Do you get any flack from SKA

purists over your incorporation of SKA, punk and pop?

Goldfinger: Absolutely.

Zombie: Hey John, what's going to be Goldfinger's

next video?

Goldfinger: "Superman" or "My


Phloxy: Darrin has a nice package! Saw it at

the Scranton show.

Goldfinger: Darrin has no package, what are

you talking about? He is 6'4 and he NO penis.

juandela: How long do you think the SKA craze

will last.

Goldfinger: I think that there will always be

a SKA scene, I think the "craze" is already over.

guest101: Hey John, it's me Ryan, thanx for

letting me on your bus in Ames the other night. I didn't get to

thank you. Did Darrin give you my note?

Goldfinger: Darrin did give me the note and

thank you for singing "Fuck LA" with me. I will get the

note tonight.

MSUdude: If you could tour with anyone, who

would it be?

Goldfinger: Green Day or the Bosstones or a

Police reunion or Rancid.

MortyMort: So do you like James Bond? Me and

some friends watch 007 every Wednesday.

Goldfinger: That's a strange question, I like

Sean Connery as James Bond.

guest101: Did you like that Operation Ivy

tape I gave you, it was terrible quality but it was a rad show.

Goldfinger: Yeah, it was cool but they didn't

play "Smiling" and there was a 10 minute break when

Matt broke his bass string and that sucked.

Skapocalypse: Can't wait for the new Rancid

album. John, have you heard their cover of "The Harder They

Come" from the Free Tibet CD ? It rules.

Goldfinger: I can't wait for the record

either, I haven't heard that cover, but I do love Jimmy Cliff.

Goldfinger: Thanks, I have to go, I have to

get ready for our Dallas show. Check us out on tour.