Seal Explains His Turbulent Relationship With Producer Horn

Amid the stormy waters caused by last week's Super Tuesday chart armada, Seal managed to grab a small chunk of the sales beach-head with his "Human Being" album, which landed at number 22 on the chart.

As choppy as the chart seas may be, it's nothing compared to what Seal had to weather in putting the album together in the first place. For the "Human Being" sessions, the singer once again teamed with longtime producer Trevor Horn, only to see the union lead to a fiery split, and eventually reconciliation (see "Seal Re-Teams With Longtime Producer").

"Well, we fell out to put it bluntly," Seal told MTV News of the bump in his relationship with Horn. "But then I think that's the thing about any working relationship or creative working relationship, if they tend to be successful, they also tend to be tempestuous. I think that's largely because

you have two creative minds, personalities, working together and it's not as if Trevor is just a producer. He's also an artist. The fact that he produces records, you know, it's coincidental. But he is a bass player by trade, and also he's a singer and he has fronted a band before, a couple of bands actually. So you really, if you put the two of us together in a room, yes we have, I hope, great creative moments, but there can also be tempestuous times. Particularly when you are striving for something new and you don't want to repeat yourself. I guess it would be similar to that of a band situation, so we fell out, and we kissed and made up and we finished the record. That's basically what happened." [28.8 RealVideo]

While the singer readily acknowledges that his work with Horn can follow a bumpy path, he notes that Horn's value as a producer makes it a path worth following.

"Looking at it from my perspective, he has just about the most incredible finely

tuned ear that I think I've ever come across," the singer said of Horn. "Incredible endurance and patience and grace, and he really has been the only one that can sort of make sense of what I do. I also think that he's a fan of my voice and my music and so that makes me feel good. I mean it's one thing working with a producer who is collecting a paycheck or who is doing it for kudos or the two. It's another thing working with a producer who, when you do a vocal performance or when you write a song, you can see the actual effect that it has on him and he gets really excited and he's great in a word. He's a great, great producer and I think that is the reason why I gravitate towards him."

The result of the union seems to be paying off once again as Seal's "Human Being" is drawing raves from critics, and the album's first single, the similarly titled "Human Beings," is popping up on radio and various video outlets.