Mark Morrison Returns To Trouble

August 25 [16:00 EDT] -- "Return of the Mack" singer Mark Morrison was arrested again on Saturday in London and charged with carrying an offensive weapon.

When asked if the offending weapon was a truncheon, as reported by the U.K. press, a Scotland Yard spokesperson said the description was, "certainly not a million miles away from the truth."

The rapper, who's now out on bail, will appear at Marlybone Magistrate Court on September 30.

Morrison was reportedly stopped during a routine vehicle stop while driving his BMW through London.

The trouble-loving singer spent six weeks of a three-month prison sentence in jail back in June after threatening a police officer with a stun gun.

As we previously reported, Morrison accumulated two other convictions while incarcerated (one for attacking a man in a London street and another for destroying a photographer¼s camera), but he was still released on good behavior in June.

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