Is Selena Gomez Sitting On An Alternate Version Of DJ Snake’s ‘Let Me Love You’?

How can we hear the whole thing?

Earlier this month, DJ Snake dropped his debut album, Encore, featuring a song with Justin Bieber, “Let Me Love You.” But some fans had been expecting Selena Gomez to feature on that track — and now, Snake has only added more fuel to that rumor.

Shortly before Encore’s release, Gomez posted a short clip on Snapchat of what sounded like her own vocals on a version of the song. Fans speculated that “Let Me Love You” might be a duet between the former couple, only to find that the album version of the song was a Bieber-only affair.

Now, Snake has posted a longer clip to Snapchat of what really, really sounds like a Selena version of the song. Is he sitting on an alternate take with her vocals? Was it originally intended as a duet? Has Snake been waiting for the Great Instagram War of 2016 to blow over before officially releasing the alternate version?

We have so many questions and so few people who can answer them, but it definitely seems like another cut of “Let Me Love You” is hiding somewhere in the vaults.

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