Justin Bieber Had Big Sean's 'IDFWU' Beat First -- And DJ Mustard Explains What Happened

Mustard also says he did four songs on Sean's album.

Even though Justin Bieber didn't put out much music in 2014, one of the biggest hits to close the year was almost his. But how did the beat for Big Sean's "I Don't F--k With You" go from Biebs' hands to Sean's?

"We all just didn't communicate; nobody communicated with my team," DJ Mustard, who produced the track, explained to MTV News. "[There's] not no hard feelings or anything like that. It's not a beef or no crazy sh-- like that, but we didn't communicate. I was excited about the record."

Instead, of course, it ended up with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, who dropped it as part of a collection of four songs late last year; it quickly became the most popular of the batch.

"When I got in with Sean, Sean had already picked the record," the producer explained. "I'm like, 'Dang, Justin got this record.' And I always kept telling my management like, 'Yo, they got this record,' and everybody was like, 'Well, we reaching, and nobody else is reaching out to us. So what do you wanna do?'"

"And I was like, you know what, just give it to Sean, because me and Sean got a relationship. And I ended up doing four songs on Sean's album."

The way things played out are a far cry from how the California-bred hitmaker envisioned them when we spoke with him back in March.

“I haven’t heard the full record yet, but I think it’s dope. I think Justin Bieber should let me executive produce his album,” Mustard told MTV News last year.

Sounds like that's on hold for now?

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