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Did Justin Bieber Pass On Big Sean's 'I Don't F--k With You' Beat?

Sean ain't mad.

If you thought that the beat to Big Sean's "I Don't F--k With You" sounded eerily familiar, don’t worry -- you’re not crazy.

You've heard that bit of DJ Mustard production before.

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber posted an Instagram video previewing an unknown song with the very same beat, although peppered with a few added sonic spices.

No one knows why the Biebs -- sorry, Bizzle -- passed on the banger. He must be sitting on an impressive array of beats to feel comfortable enough to turn down such a hit. Sean certainly isn't mad about it.

Besides, JB will probably get his own signature "Mustard on the beat" drop sooner or later, considering that the My Krazy Life executive producer has put it out into the universe that he wants to produce an entire album by the pop superstar, à la Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

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"I think Justin Bieber should let me executive produce his album," Mustard told MTV News back in March. "I wouldn't really even know what to expect, but I just know the sound that we create would be crazy. You remember when Justin Timberlake and Timbaland got together? Similar to that. I'm not trying to compare us or nothing like that, but it could be similar to that."

The Bizzle and DJ Mustard -- sounds like a classic to us!