'Family Reunion' Sneak Peek: Leah Opens Up About 'New Boyfriend'

Find out what the mom of three has to say about Jaylan

Teen Mom 2 relationship status update: Leah has a "really great guy" in her life.

"Everyone knows about my new boyfriend Jaylan," the girl mom states in the Family Reunion sneak peek above. "I definitely posted him on my [Instagram] page." The proof of the PDA-filled post:

She continues: "Jaylan is a really great guy, and he's cool. He's so kind."

Leah also opens up to Ashley about her new beau, but she still has reservations about Jaylan (even though she can't help but gush about his goals, career and intelligence). What is holding Leah back from trusting him -- and what advice does Ashley give her friend? Watch the clip, and do not miss this week's Teen Mom: Family Reunion episode tomorrow at 8/7c.

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