Doja Cat Made 'Say So' About The Coolest Part Of Flirting — Swapping Gazes

April's MTV PUSH artist told us about the song's coquettish origins and more

Doja Cat understands the word "vision" like few others do. She went viral in 2018 for a jokey song about cows called "Mooo!," boosted by its wild video that found her in a cow suit. And even when it comes to her new videos for songs like "Say So" and "Juicy," it's clear that she gave detailed attention to the visual aspects of her vibrant pop music — they're as glitzy and over-the-top as the tunes themselves.

With all of this talk about the idea of "vision," it's cool to hear Doja Cat — MTV's PUSH artist for April — reveal that both "Say So" and "Juicy" were inspired by eye-catching elements.

For "Say So," Doja told MTV about its flirty origins. "It's about when you go somewhere and you see someone and they don't approach you, but you're looking at each other and you both feel like there's something there," she said.

Similarly with "Juicy," Doja had a clear picture in her head of what the song would be about: her backside. "Sometimes, I can see my ass from the front," she said. "So then I was like, if you can see it from the front, wait until you see it from the back. And then I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, the greatest hook ever."

Believe it or not, "Juicy" took less than a day to make. Everything clicked in place when recording it, and Doja was confident from the get-go that it would be huge. "I was proud of it, but I knew that people were going to like it, because I loved it," she said.

Watch Doja Cat break down her songs above. Find fresh performances of both "Say So" and "Juicy," along with more of Doja's MTV PUSH content, right here.

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