Why Lady Gaga's Tattoos Were Nowhere To Be Found At The Golden Globes

Lady Gaga had a huge night last night. She won her first Golden Globe (the first she's been nominated for, at that) and looked like a glamorous Hollywood starlet on the red carpet. But something seemed a little...off.

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Oh right, her tattoos disappeared! Well, for the night at least. Gaga, who usually flaunts her almost-all-over body ink, covered everything up with makeup for the night of the Golden Globes. And she almost got away with it, but that press room lighting doesn't lie.

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Gaga brought in makeup artist Mike Mekash, who's worked on films like "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "Iron Man 2," to do the job for her. How he was able to cover up everything though, I'll never understand. I'm assuming Gaga spent a fair amount of her day in the makeup chair. I hope it was worth it, girl.

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