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Was Con Artist Adam Really The 'King Of Catfishes'?

The cocky trickster crowned himself as royalty, but was it an exaggeration?

Professional computer wiz John had all the tools to reel in a potential "Catfish" on last night's episode, but he chose not to go sleuthing because he felt a thorough investigation would have chipped away at his romance with online girlfriend Kelsey.

It was a noble idea, but one that soon bit him in the ass: After traveling to Orlando to meet Kelsey, he, Nev and Max found a cocky swot named Adam instead. Adam had duped dozens of people for fun and made one pretty big declaration upon his outing:

"I'm the king of Catfishes."

Was Adam intelligent? Sure. Maybe not a grammar ace, but he'd started an online community for people with social anxiety, and he'd tricked a good deal of 'em by earning their trust. But even with his wits, could he ever dethrone Queen Mhissy? Or does his sleaziness earn him a royal spot beside Carmen/Kelly Price? Max, for one, didn't seem to think so -- he was so frustrated with Adam's delusions that he actually set down his camera (!!!) and bolted. (Could the normally compassionate detective be hopping aboard Nev's new gangsta train?)

+ Where does Adam rank among catfish past? Tell us what you think of his scheme!