'Catfish' Sleuth Nev Schulman Has Gotten So Gangsta In Season 3

Turn down for what?

We're not sure what's gotten into Nev Schulman lately, but we kinda like it.

For two seasons of "Catfish," the super-sleuth and his partner-in-crime, Max Joseph, criss-crossed the country righting the Internet's wrongs using compassion and reverse Google image searches, but along the way, Nev seemed to have learned that in order to effectively take down digital gangstas, he had to become one himself. Now, well into Season 3, Nev is taking no prisoners.

Consider last Wednesday's episode, for example, when Nev snatched scam artist Kidd Cole's phone straight out of his hand and threw it into the Potomac.

"I like that case," Nev said slyly, before prompting Cole to give him a closer look.

Next thing you know, our "Catfish" hero had swiped the phone and chucked it into the water!

Maybe Nev's newfound gangsta attitude has something to do with his recent Rocawear endorsement, or maybe he's just sick of having to console unfortunate victims of heartbreak. Either way, he has our full support.

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