Taylor Swift Is 'A Pretty Normal Girl,' Emma Stone Says

At the country/pop star's urging, Stone talks about her secret baking skills during MTV's Sneak Peek Week.

Emma Stone and [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] are best gal pals. [article id="1635422"]Stone has opened up about Swift[/article] in the past, revealing that the superstar "has such a sick sense of humor," and when Stone sat down for a [article id="1665055"]Q&A about "The Help" during MTV's Sneak Peek Week[/article], she divulged a bit more about their relationship.

So is Stone digging Swift's latest album, Speak Now? "I am indeed. I was lucky enough to hear it pretty early on, so it's so exciting for it to be out and own the songs instead of just be singing them [in my head]," she dished, sharing that just because Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the world doesn't mean she's at all critical of her friends who can't sing as well as her.

"Taylor's a pretty normal girl," Stone said. " ... She's not [like], 'I am one of the world's most popular singers.' "

Stone's kind words came shortly after an email was read to her from her superstar pal who wanted to know more about her love of baking. "I've been baking at least once a day," she shared, revealing some of the sweet treats she's been making the past few months.

While she's got some sweet skills when it comes to confections, when she attempts to bake for a large group, the results aren't as delicious. "I made 60 biscuits once for a party," she said. "They didn't turn out so great, though. I think in bulk I'm a little subpar."

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