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Bella Thorne's Movie Awards Sideshow

The "Blended" star presents a tribute to our MTV Movie Awards nominees like no other.

How Well Do You Know Bell?

The cast of "Veronica Mars" gets quizzed on their famous co-star.

Jason Bateman Gets Filthy

Because he just loves cursing. And hitting children.

The 'Veronica Mars' Marshmallow Challenge

How many of the puffy confections can the stars cram into their mouths and still be able to speak?

Take A Trip To Goldblum's

The actor has a new side business and he's really, really into it.

The Art Of The Selfie With Chris Pratt

Pratt gives us some tips on how to capture the most artful selfies.


  1. MTV News' Josh Horowitz and Daniel Radcliffe form a close bromance.

  2. Explore the soft side of Josh Hutcherson.

  3. Michael Shannon arrives as Josh's escort - but their meeting gets even more intimate than they had expected.

  1. We put the "Woman in Black" star to the ultimate test of Red, White and Blue knowledge.

  2. Shannon gets about as adorable as he possibly can.

  3. "Moneyball" stars Pitt and Hill answer questions on their favorite show.

  1. We quiz Fassbender on his knowledge of celebrity penises.

  2. The "Hunger Games" stars tackle tough questions with one-word answers.

  3. MTV News' Josh Horowitz sits down with the cast for round two of "American Talk."

  1. Has Blake seen 'Van Wilder?' Does Ryan wear 'Traveling Pants?'

  2. How well do the Avengers know 'The Avengers?'

  3. The boys explores the topic of male bonding.

  1. Kendrick reluctantly talks "Twilight."

  2. The "Drive" star plays along with a certain internet meme.

  3. The cast of "The Dilemma" answer some fan questions in this week's "After Hours with Josh Horowitz."

  1. Josh Horowitz and Jessica Alba have a very traditional sleepover party.

  2. "The Tourist" co-stars attempt to stump our humble MTV correspondent.

  3. Ferrell is "a bit of showman" with a knife.

  1. Our intrepid reporter attempts to teach the cast of "Harry Potter" how to speak correctly.

  2. When you're in need of legal council, look no further than a celebrity interviewer and a celebrity who thinks he's a lawyer.

About MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz

  1. Sure, you've seen countless interviews with the biggest movie stars on the planet but don't we all get tired of hearing what a blast everyone was on the set and all those wacky times they had? Welcome to the twisted and bizarre world of "After Hours," where Josh Horowitz takes your favorite celebrities to places you never dreamed.

    A talk show devoted to nothing but knives? Will Ferrell's dropping by. How about a show devoted to teaching the cast of "Harry Potter" how to speak American? Yes, "After Hours" is the only place to hear Emma Watson order mozzarella sticks. With guests ranging from Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Alba, "After Hours" is the only place for the catch your favorite stars doing the craziest things possible.