Hear A Teaser Of Justin Bieber’s New Skrillex-Assisted Single ‘Sorry’

Thanks to this Vine celeb (and Michelle Obama), we now have seven seconds of 'Sorry' to tide us over.

Remember when Justin Bieber teamed up with Skrillex and Diplo for “Where Are Ü Now,” and it slayed so hard that you were at once temporarily paralyzed and spiritually fulfilled?

Well, prepare yourself, because it looks like we’re in for Round Two.

On Sunday (Oct. 18), Justin announced his new Purpose single “Sorry,” the follow-up to his chart-smasher “What Do You Mean?,” and a collaboration with EDM masterminds Skrillex and Blood Diamond.

He further teased the single on Twitter on Monday, saying it may be his “biggest one yet.”

“Sorry” doesn’t drop in its full glory until Friday (Oct. 23), but we’ve been #blessed with a short — and totally random, tbh — snippet of the track via Vine and YouTube personality King Bach.

On Monday, King Bach visited the White House with a slew of other Vine celebs, including Jerome Jarre, Lele Pons, Chris Melberger, Us the Duo and Amymarie Gaertner. There, he filmed a short Vine featuring none other than our First Lady, Michelle Obama, with a snippet of “Sorry” playing in the background (JB retweeted it, so you know it’s legit). Check it out:

Though we only have seven seconds of the song to go off, we can already tell it sounds similar to “Where Are Ü Now,” with its upbeat, tribal drums and EDM influences. It’s also immediately clear that this is the same track Justin previously teased in an Instagram video that showed him and his choreographer showing off their moves.

To build the hype even MORE, Justin’s been retweeting some positive feedback from people he works with, including his stage manager, Scrappy, and the chief operating officer of SB Projects, Scott Manson.

Friday can’t come soon enough, amirite?!