The Ultimate Good Guy: Is Parrish Some Sort Of 'Teen Wolf' Angel?

The deputy is immune to a burning flame...but does he also have healing powers?

Jordan Parrish is bound and determined to get to the bottom of his powers once and for all... and we're right there with him (along with Lydia, apparently. *wink*). Monday night's "Teen Wolf" episode gave us a smidge more insight into the deputy's supernatural abilities and what exactly may have drawn him to Beacon Hills in the first place.



In addition to being completely immune to all things fire (we don't recommend EVER placing your hand over a burning hot flame in order to test your supernatural strength), Parrish appears to have a soft spot for the wounded and/or dead supernaturals of the strange town. That is, if his disturbing recurring dream has any validity. In the dream, the orange-eyed creature can be seen carrying a scorched body to the Nemeton -- the same Nemeton that once had Scott's mom and Stiles' dad trapped and was a sacred meeting place for scientists and healers back in the day. The illusion later depicts a distraught-looking Parrish (he's naked, BTW) sitting cross-legged on the tree stump, surrounded by burned flesh.

Who are these lifeless victims? Could they be the Dread Doctors' deserted science experiments? Also, it's almost as if Parrish is mad at himself that his healing powers are failing, if he does indeed have the ability to revive the dead. Does he simply have angelic, good-guy morals? Is he a spiritual healer of some sort? Or is something else going on?

Comment with your theories before we drive ourselves crazy, and keep watching "TW" on Mondays at 10/9c!

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