How Did 'Teen Wolf''s Deputy Parrish Walk Through The Fire...And Survive?

Apparently he's a supernatural breed -- but what kind is a mystery.

There's no doubt that Beacon Hills' werewolves, werecoyotes and kitsunes are tough, but if you touch 'em with a torch, they still burn. The same, however, can't be said for Deputy Jordan Parrish.

The newest police recruit on "Teen Wolf," whose name is featured on The Benefactor's hit list, was nearly taken out on Monday night's episode when one of his fellow officers -- who apparently moonlighted as an assassin -- tied him to a squad car's steering wheel, deluged him with gasoline and set him ablaze. Parrish seemed like a goner, until he showed up at the station, blackened but mostly unscathed, and took his co-worker down.

It was then that Scott, Lydia and Derek finally decided to come clean and inform the unaware Parrish that he, like they, was a supernatural being. Still, Parrish, who'd never known himself to be anything other than human, had no idea what his second identity could be -- he had no fangs, claws or other-worldly visions. All he knew was that he should have been reduced to ash in the flames but was still standing. Derek suggested Scott seek out Chris Argent, who had the key to the ever-helpful bestiary, but the man was nowhere to be found.

What do you think? How did Parrish survive, and what about his supernatural breed makes him immune to fire? Share your theories in the comments below!