DMX's Sexually Violent Lyrics Turn Ironic

Rapper, whose arrest record stretches back to his childhood, said he finds inspiration for his lyrics in the world around him.

While DMX says his lyrics are drawn from the lives of those around him, as well as his own, in the eyes of his accusers, at least, the rapper's lyrics may be more true to his experiences than most people realize.

In light of his arrest Wednesday for allegedly raping and sodomizing a woman, his lyrics are certainly ironic.

Included on the rapper and now alleged rapist's recently released hit album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, are songs such as "X Is Coming" (RealAudio excerpt), a hardcore rap that graphically details a rapist's warnings that he will seek vengeance.

"And if you got a daughter older than 15, I'm [going to] rape her," DMX intones. "Take her, on the living room floor, right there in front of you/ Dick action seriously, what you wanna do?/ Frustrating isn't it? Wanna kill me, but I'm [going to] kill you/ Now watch me fuck just a lil' while longer please, will you?"

While police have accused the chart-topping rapper of attacking the woman as she screamed for him to stop in a South Bronx, N.Y., apartment on Sunday morning, his attorney, Murray Richman, is denying that any such encounter occurred. On Thursday (June 18), DMX was released from police custody after posting $10,000 bail in cash.

"There is absolutely no basis in fact to any of the allegations set forth, from the very first word to the very last," Richman said Thursday. The recently launched "Survival of the Illest Tour," which DMX is headlining, will continue with the accused rapper onboard, said a representative from

his label, Def Jam.

In an interview with SonicNet Music News one day after DMX allegedly raped, sodomized and falsely imprisoned a 29-year-old woman, the rapper, whose arrest record stretches back to his childhood, said he finds inspiration for his lyrics in the world around him.

In the song "X Is Coming," DMX also raps, "Fucked you like a chicken with your head cut off/ They'll find you with your back door open/ And your legs cut off."

"My rhymes come from my life [and] what I see," DMX (a.k.a. Earl Simmons) said (excerpt of interview). "Not just my life, but everyone's life around me. I see different things, sometimes I see the same thing but interpret it differently 'cause I'm older. That'll be two different meanings, two different interpretations of the same

things. Which is mandatory, essential rather. It's an expression of one's

situation and you've got to show more than one side of that situation."

According to court documents, the woman said the sexual attack began about 4 a.m. in an apartment on 143rd Street in the Bronx. The reported exotic dancer alleges that the rapper grabbed her breast through her shirt, at which point she told him to stop. DMX then allegedly reached under her shirt, after which the woman attempted to push him away. She alleges that the rapper then held her on a bed by forcing his knees on her arms, then raped and sodomized her as she screamed for him to stop.

DMX maintains that he has no idea who his accuser is, nor was he ever in

the same building with her, Richman said. He further contends that he does

not know who lives in the Bronx apartment where the assault allegedly took

place. "For rape, there's got to be semen," Richman said. "I want to see what

tests are done. I have absolutely no faith in the charges."

Although he would not discuss specific details of the investigation into

the allegation, New York City Police public information officer Kevin

Tyrrell said that a medical examination involving semen samples and blood

work is standard procedure for rape charges.

DMX's record of prior convictions began during his teen-age years.

Most recently, the rapper was convicted of marijuana possession in 1994.

During the late 1980s, he was convicted for disorderly conduct, unauthorized

use of a vehicle and criminal mischief.

DMX is scheduled to appear in court on Monday for a hearing to formally determine whether he has posted bail. The next step in the case is to convene a grand jury that will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the rapper.

While the past year has seen DMX's vocals on records by Mase, LL Cool J and

Ice Cube, many in the music industry had no idea that the rapper's

underground support had swelled big enough to land a #1 hit with his debut

album. When It's Dark and Hell Is Hot bowed in the top spot of the

Billboard 200 albums chart last month, many chart-watchers were stunned.

On Wednesday, DMX flew to New York from Hampton, Va., to surrender to

police. That night, he was scheduled to play the second date of the

"Survival of the Illest Tour" with Onyx and Def Squad.

A representative from Def Jam Records who asked not to be named said that

DMX has rejoined the tour and will continue with the outing through its

July conclusion, but otherwise had no comment on the arrest.

Asked why someone would file false charges against his client, Richman

said, "Money." Although he doubted that this could be a case of mistaken

identity, the attorney did say, "She made an allegation [to police] that he

has certain scars on his body that don't exist, so maybe she was thinking

of someone else."

[There is no relationship between DMX, the hip-hop artist, and DMX (Digital Music Express), the subscription audio service owned by TCI Music, Inc., the parent of SonicNet, Inc.]

(Contributing Editor Randy Reiss contributed to this report.)

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