'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Get Your First Good Look At The Villain

Sebastian Stan's villainous Winter Soldier takes center stage in new pic.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" doesn't hit theaters until April 4, 2014, but we've already gotten a good look at the plot, courtesy of the trailer, as well as Chris Evans' new look in the film. What we haven't gotten, though, is a real peek at Sebastian Stan's villainous Winter Solider. Until now.

The UK's Empire Magazine has just released two covers spotlighting the April release, one focusing on Captain America's new uniform, the other highlighting Cap, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, and most importantly, the Winter Soldier himself.

In the comics, the Winter Soldier is Cap's former partner Bucky Barnes, left for dead and brainwashed into an unstoppable assassin by the Russians. Years later, Barnes comes into conflict with Captain America, leading to the stunning revelation that the partner he left for dead for decades is, in fact, very much alive. And trying to kill him.

From the footage we've glimpsed, it looks like the sequel will follow a similar path. It also looks like while Bucky will start off masked, so as to hide his true identity from Captain America, eventually he'll go for the standard modern-era superhero greasepaint on the eyes as a means of hiding his identity/looking cool. And people criticize Superman for hiding behind glasses.

Stay tuned for more "Captain America" news as it breaks.

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