8 Famous Movies Reimagined To Star Santa Claus Will Have You Shouting 'Ho, Ho, Ho!'

Just wait until you see him in 'Die Hard.'

We know what Santa Claus is up to in December, but how does he spend the rest of his time during the year? The talented designers at Expedia Denmark decided answer this important question.

Because Expedia Denmark is a leading travel authority, the company wanted a closer examination of one of the world's most famous travelers ever: Santa.

What they found out was Santa is actually a movie star from January to November, and here are eight iconic films ol' St. Nick's starred in over the years.

One of Santa's earliest roles involved him making the Head Elf "an offer he can't refuse."

Expedia Denmark


His next project involved terrifying all of the elves during their post-Christmas break.

Expedia Denmark


Then, after years of overhearing the elves claim they "weren't afraid of no ghost," Santa decided to become one himself to put them to the test.

Expedia Denmark


Growing tired of terrorizing his loyal workers, Santa decided to work on a Christmas movie his agent assured him would be a holiday classic. The results have been mixed since 1988.

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Royally pissed off about devoting his time to a Christmas, non-Christmas movie, Santa took his anger out on his eight reindeer. FYI, Rudolph's nose doesn't shine so brightly anymore.

Expedia Denmark


Realizing he should use his words instead of his fists, Santa settled on filming a timeless classic, one where he really gets back to his roots.

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But he soon realized chick flicks weren't for him, and returned to roles where he got to kick some serious ass.

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No, but really. Dropkicking bad guys was Santa's true calling. Sorry, kids.

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