CupcakKe Drops On The Deck And Flops Like A Fish In 'Squidward Nose' Video

This naughty nautical treat also features comedian John Early

The notoriously explicit CupcakKe dropped "Squidward Nose" in January and the phallic-centric tune would carry an NC-17 rating if it were a film. Now, the sex-fueled wordsmith has released an accompanying visual and it's equal parts SpongeBob Squarepants and sex. Also, Squidward himself gets included in the underwater festivities.

CupcakKe's immediately over-the-top from the opening moments. She's wearing glittering shells over her breasts and mermaid legs while her half-laugh/half-smile expression lets you know that you're in for a wild ride. The video looks to be an homage to Bikini Bottom, where the song's namesake, Squidward, resides. We follow CupcakKe's underwater routine as she dodges dildos that serve as bait. The fisherman, who gets his own brief dancing number, is played by comedian John Early. Eventually, she meets the fisherman and they go in for an embrace, but not before we see a crude depiction of Squidward that shows us the size of his nose. Throughout the song, CupcakKe tells us what she wants to do to it.

"Squidward Nose" is CupcakKe's latest release following her 2018 albums Eden and Ephorize. With this kind of work ethic and commitment to risque subject matters, there's literally no telling what the rapper could be planning next.

Check out the naughty-cal video above.