11 Times Eminem And Redman Proved That Real Recognize Real

Their 'Off The Wall' bond is still going strong.

Redman boldly declared that he's "your favorite rapper's favorite" during his 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher this week, and if Eminem's your fav, he might be right.

You see, Reggie Noble may not be as widely known as Em, but he definitely had a hand in influencing Slim. And since some fans seemed as surprised as they were excited by the Def Squad MC's cypher verse, we thought we'd break down the interesting bond between Shady and The Funk Doctor to get you more familiar Redman.

"Pick It Up"

As Eminem was just getting his feet wet in the game, he and Proof (R.I.P.) decided to remake "Pick It Up," a classic Redman song. It's a rare freestyle that they spit a bunch of times around the late '90s or early aughts, but it shows just how much Reggie inspired them.

"Off The Wall"

In 2000, Eminem and Redman teamed up for "Off The Wall" off the "Nutty Professor II" soundtrack where they traded bars about Britney Spears and how the Funk Doctor met the punk rocker. The track's still dope.

"'Til I Collapse"

When Eminem gave us his list of Top MCs on 2002's "'Til I Collapse," he named Reggie Noble first (in order) followed by Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie, Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Kurupt, Nas and then Slim himself (duh).

"I C Dead People"

By 2004, Em and Redman teamed up again on "I C Dead People," though the song didn't feature Shady's rhymes. Instead, Slim just produced the beat.

"Always Shows Love"

Em earned 10 Grammy nods back in 2010, which made Redman proud. "10 f--kin' Grammy [nominations]? That's f--kin' ridiculous," Redman told VladTV of Shady's epic year. "That's some motherf--kin' power. Big up to Em. He always shows love regardless."

"Just Don't Give A F--k"

Just like Em remade "Pick It Up," Redman paid tribute to Shady by remaking his classic "Just Don't Give A F--k" in 2012, adding the Funk Doc flavor to the SSLP cut.


Em went back to namechecking Redman in 2013 on MMLP2's "Baby." "This wretched is what you get when you mix Treach with a Jada," Em rhymed on the track. "Then combine 'em with Method Man and Redman." That's a powerful combo, Em.

"Off The Wall" Memories


Redman reminisced about his "Off The Wall" experience in 2013, naming it his favorite moment with Slim. "Being at Eminem's studio doing 'Off The Wall,'" he told Complex. "We was goin at it on the mic!" Imagine being a fly on the wall for that session.


Don't all true homies have #TBT-worthy pics like this? Just peep this one Reggie shared this year.


Redman returned Em's "'Til I Collapse" nod here. "I highly respect Eminem," Funk Doc told VladTV. "I rank him up there with Jay Z, Biggie and Nas." That's good company right there.

The Best Reward

Wanna know how much it meant for Eminem to make a beat for Reggie? "To make the beat for Nas, to do anything like that, making a beat for Redman was like, 'I’m making a f--king beat for Redman,'" Em told Shade45's Sway Calloway earlier this year. "Those guys are some of my favorites of all time...Doing sh-t like that is hands down the best reward this could have ever brought."

Ready for more Redman? This week he told HNHH that he's gonna release his next album, Mudface, on Nov. 15 while his Muddy Waters 2 LP is due next Spring.