Britney Spears Announces She's Taking A Break From Her Career

In online post, singer says she hurt her knee for a reason.

Britney Spears is taking a break — again. She made the announcement late Friday in a "letter of truth" she posted on her fan site.

Her knee gave out on her during the "Outrageous" video shoot (forcing the cancellation of her summer tour) for a reason, she said — so that she would "have no choice but to stop" and give her body some rest (see [article id="1488579"]"Britney's Fall: The Never-Before-Seen Footage"[/article]). She said she feels like she's missed out on too many of "the simple things" — like being able to watch such movies as Mandy Moore's "Saved" and re-runs of "Sex and the City" because of her nonstop work schedule, which kept her "going and going and going."

"It's amazing what advisors will push you to do, even if it means taking a naive young blonde girl and putting her on the cover of every magazine," she wrote. Now, she'd like to "take some time off to enjoy life."

"My prerogative right now is to just chill and let all of the other overexposed blondes on the cover of Us Weekly be your entertainment," she wrote. "Good luck girls!"

Spears also said that her next project would be focusing on being a wife and hopefully a mother. "I can't wait to start my family!" she wrote.

Spears last took a hiatus following her world tour that ended in July 2002. But though she had planned to take six months off, the break ended after three months, when she started to work on In the Zone.

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