Which Hollywood Star Has Punched The Most Animals?

We hope no animals were harmed in the making of this video.

There's one thing that links Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Ferrell, Adam West and Bruce Lee, a tradition that's stretched across decades on the silver screen: they've all punched animals. The best part? You can see all of their scraps with nature in the video above.

Yes, in a pattern that's apparently like no other in Hollywood, plenty of movies feature people fighting beasts both wild and domestic. Angelina Jolie and Adam West have both punched sharks, while Schwarzenegger, Ferrell, and Paul Rudd have all faced off against bears.

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But who has it out the most for the animals? Well, it turns out that Schwarzenegger is the biggest offender, punching two camels, two dogs -- in all fairness, they were attacking him -- and even a reindeer. (He also kicks a crocodile, though that didn't quite fall under the confines of the video.) Will Ferrell is very close behind him, punching both a dog and a bear.

Cats, dogs, horses, camels, sharks: no one is spared. But remember, it's all just movie magic! No animals were actually harmed in the making of this supercut.

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