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Watch Daniel Radcliffe Morph Into Elijah Wood Over And Over Again

It's all in the eyebrows

Harry Potter is known for having for having his mother's eyes, and it turns out Daniel Radcliffe's striking pupils match another actor's irises: Elijah Wood, Frodo from The Lord of the Rings franchise.

An anonymous Reddit user spotted this shared trait and used Imgur's GIF creator to ever-so-slowly morph Daniel into Elijah. Or Elijah into Daniel. You can't really tell which celeb came first in this case. Behold:

The eyebrows give it away. Elijah's brows sit slightly lower than Daniel's, a subtle difference that garnered an impressive seven million views. This photoshopped pic shows just how important those little strips of hair are:

Daniel sans eyebrows is the stuff of nightmares. Thanks but no thanks, Internet.