7 Questions 'Sons Of Anarchy' Still Has To Answer

What's next for SAMCRO?

WARNING: Major "Sons of Anarchy" Spoilers Ahead!

The crow flew straight on a perfect line one last time on the series finale of "Sons of Anarchy," putting an end to seven seasons of relentless blood and mayhem. But it didn't put an end to every single question running through "Sons of Anarchy" fans' heads — like these seven questions, for instance...

Who Is The Homeless Woman?

Easily the biggest lingering mystery in "Sons of Anarchy" lore, the identity of the homeless woman — supposedly named Emily Putner — went unresolved. "Who are you?" Jax asks her in the finale, and her only response is, "It's time." Not much of an answer. Is she an angel? Is she the reaper? Does she just have very bizarre timing? We'll never know.

Did John Teller Kill Himself?

That was the theory posited by Jury White in his final seconds on Earth. Until then, popular consensus was that Clay and Gemma conspired to kill the SAMCRO founder. But the ending of the series — Jax deliberately riding head-on into a Papa's Goods truck — lends some credence to the idea that J.T. did, in fact, take his own life in order to save his club and keep his family on the straight and narrow.

What's Up With Abel's New Bling?

Jax's two sons finally leave Charming, and it's Jax's hope that they'll grow up learning to hate their father so that they never turn out like him. But Jax didn't count on Abel having one very important family heirloom, in the form of the "Sons" ring given to him by Gemma. The last we see of Abel, he's holding the ring in his hand. Is it a sign that the Teller family flaw will one day resurface in Jax's troubled son?

What Will Happen To Truck Driver Milo?

He's totally getting fired, right? Sad times for Vic Mackey.

Did Jax Become A Crow?

No, of course he didn't. But let's pretend he did, so that we can pretend we're going to see him show up on "Game of Thrones" next season, because that would be a delight.


There aren't too many lingering questions. Say what you will about the finale, and the final season in general. But Kurt Sutter wrapped things up exactly like he wanted, and he left very few questions unanswered. All told, it was a conclusive finale, and pretty damn satisfying at that.

Okay, maybe there is one big question...

When Will We See The "Sons of Anarchy" Prequel?

Because that "First Nine" show will happen one day. Count on it.

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