'All That' Star Lori Beth Denberg Drops Some Vital Information About The Big Ear Of Corn

Where is the Big Ear of Corn now? We asked, Denberg answered.

The cast of "All That" reunited over the weekend at New York Comic Con, but there was one important cast member missing -- and we're not talking about Kenan Thompson. The Big Ear of Corn, probably the most influential cast member to ever grace the "All That" stage, was noticeably absent from the "All That" reunion panel, and now we know why.

According to Lori Beth Denberg, who still keeps in touch with her favorite former cast mate, he's retired from the limelight and instead has opted for a quieter life with his five Little Ears of Corn.

"The Big Ear of Corn, fame got too much for him," Denberg told MTV News. "He's very reclusive. He's living a quiet life and we'd like to respect that."

All That Big Ear of Corn

Denberg also revealed that it was her who made the Big Ear of Corn a regular cast member on "All That." The iconic prop -- of which there are two -- was created for only one sketch and destined to spend eternity in the "All That" prop closet until Denberg spoke up.

"I have to take full credit for the Big Ear of Corn becoming, basically, a cast member," Denberg said. "It was built for one sketch, and then I just had this thought of, like, 'My job caused someone to make a giant ear of corn, and no one has ever gotten to say that before in the history of the world. That's the most awesome thing!' And so they kept putting it in, and it became this entity. It's really the heart of the show."

All That Love Big Ear Of Corn

So, technically, you can thank Lori Beth Denberg for your childhood.