Lizzo Tag-Teams A Thrilling 'Juice' Performance With Sasha Flute At The GLAAD Media Awards

The singer's blinding, bedazzling dress is as mesmerizing as her smile

Lizzo's infectious energy was on display again at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards last night (March 28) when she performed "Juice" live. Her performance lit up the faces of the mesmerized crowd various shades of purple and pink as she danced around the stage with a gigantic smile on her face. It's impossible not to be a fan of hers after another strong performance of her powerful track that makes use of her brilliant flute-playing capabilities.

The magic begins with two curvaceous women on stage, slowly misting their kinky curls with hairspray to the slow groove of the beat. The DJ even gets in on the action with a rapid twirl of the spray before the beat drops and the synths starts rattling. More women, of all sizes and colors, confidently stride onstage in sexy black garb, then Lizzo herself steps on stage in a bedazzling dress. Thus begins the piercing brilliance of "Juice" that sounds even better live.

Lizzo grips the microphone with astounding confidence and belts her anthemic number while energetically dancing a vigorous routine. Her smile widens and she enters another dimension that's situated in 1988. There's retro energy to her confident strides around the stage and through the crowd that take us back to a time where phones didn't ruin live performances. The faces of the crowd are turned up to her smiling face and when she brings out her instrument partner Sasha Flute, everything stops as she belts a fierce solo. It's a stunning performance that stays with you long after it cuts off at a little over four minutes. Lizzo's energy is addicting and you want more of it. Immediately.

Next month, Lizzo's bottled essence will be on sale in the form of her new album, Cuz I Love You. The LP will feature the studio version of "Juice" (if you enjoyed this version, you'll be enamored with her performance of the track on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Ellenas well as other previously released singles, the title track and early summer anthem "Tempo" that features Missy Elliott. Interested in the live experience? She's also embarking on tour in April. What more could you ask for?

Take a look at the funky performance up above.

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