Sick Of It All

What do you mean "politically?" Are we Communists or something?

SICK OF IT ALL Hey it's Lou. Pete is on his way.

Str-8 What's this about Mobb Deep using the Alleyway Crew dragon on their album?

ostiguy Mobb Deep can go down on a moose for all I care. Ripping off the dragon is bullshit.

SICK OF IT ALL It was just a misunderstanding. They stopped using it. But they all have the tattoos.

Ignite Where do you or the rest of the band stand politically?

SICK OF IT ALL What do you mean "politically?" Are we Communists or something?

AdRoCk What movies do you like?

SICK OF IT ALL I like Kung Fu movies.

Liar Rollins was on the Internet earlier this day! What do you think of him and his music?

SICK OF IT ALL I admire him and the way he runs his life. He is always doing something -- his books, his tours, his music, etc.

STIGMA I like the new SOIA symbol with the heart. Who did it?

SICK OF IT ALL Steve Ready from Equal Vision.

Olde-E Do you guys plan on putting out a home video?

SICK OF IT ALL We always talk about it. We have all this good footage. Not necessarily show footage, it's just us being stupid.

Str-8 Does Toby has problems with his bowel movements?

SICK OF IT ALL Yes of course! Toby has a spastic colon, or so he tells me.

ostiguy I've been told that the new album is more old-school/punkish. Any reason for this?

SICK OF IT ALL If we went any heavier we would be playing death metal.

Liar What is the most extravagant thing you listen to?

SICK OF IT ALL I like the new Crown Of Thornz Record, Social D, and the new Murphy's Law.

neebo What does a band like yours think of Phish or God Street Wine?

SICK OF IT ALL I try not to.

Olde-E What non-HC music are you into?

SICK OF IT ALL I like some ska, early 50's and 60's stuff, some techno, and real insane stuff.

Olde-E What did you think of the PWAC show?

SICK OF IT ALL I thought the PWAC show was great. Too bad the club closed. The sound sucked, though.

Str-8 They closed the PWAC down because of raves, right?

SICK OF IT ALL They closed the PWAC down because a big corporation moved there and they didn't want the shows.

xIGNITEx You would be surprised at how many fans you have here! Bands cover your songs and the whole crowd sings along!



downset What do you think of Korn's success?

SICK OF IT ALL I don't like their music. They weren't nice people, except for the singer. They were very much a rock band. Their success was great.

xIGNITEx Have you seen the new Star Wars movie?

SICK OF IT ALL Yes, it was really good except for the scene where Hans Solo shoots the green guy. They added in the green guy shooting first.

xIGNITEx Do you like Moby's music?

SICK OF IT ALL I liked his last album. I haven't heard the new one. Someone told me that it sounds like Ministry.

Liar What do you think of college?

SICK OF IT ALL It's a good place to meet girls and drink lots of beer.

Str-8 Lou, you produced Ensigns EP, right?

SICK OF IT ALL Pete produced the Ensigns.

Str-8 Mets or Yankees?

SICK OF IT ALL I live in Flushing. I saw the Mets a lot. I like the Yankees logo better.

xIGNITEx Any view on Earth Crisis and what they do?

SICK OF IT ALL They pay some good Metal. Nice guys too.

STIGMA Did Stigma really play guitar? (Rumors fly in this county...)

SICK OF IT ALL He went through a black period where he couldn't remember anything from '87 to '90. He didn't play any guitar, but he went and re-learned all the old stuff.

STIGMA What do you mean he couldn't remember? Blackout? Amnesia?

SICK OF IT ALL Yes, all of the above.

xIGNITEx Who came up with the idea for the "Stepdown" video? It was amazing!

SICK OF IT ALL The whole band. We wanted to do something fun.

Olde-E What was the highlight of '96 for you?

SICK OF IT ALL Playing the basement in Jersey.

STIGMA Which SOIA album is your favorite to date?

SICK OF IT ALL The new one. But I think that Just Look Around was overlooked.

xIGNITEx Where did the name Sick Of It All come from?

SICK OF IT ALL Pete and I though it up in our parent's basement in 1984.

Olde-E Being in the scene and seeing it change over the last ten+ years, how do you think it is today compared to any other time?

SICK OF IT ALL It's come full circle. In the beginning it was really family oriented. Now it's come back to that. Old school/New school... doesn't matter as long as your heart's in it.

STIGMA I think the old school music was better. Bands like you simply played better music than Earth Crisis and Integrity. It's more from the heart, dealing with things that are real.

Olde-E Too many new "HC" bands have their roots in metal rather than punk.

SICK OF IT ALL Most of the new bands have to grow in their song-writing. To make a crowd dance is one thing, but making people feel the songs is another.

STIGMA Exactly! Say it like it is Lou!

ostiguy What event made it clear that Sick of It All was gonna last and become a full time thing, as opposed to a hobby?

SICK OF IT ALL I don't think there was one event. Getting offers to tour all over the world was pretty exciting.

Olde-E Do you like touring with bands of different musical styles, or do

you like keeping it more HC?

STIGMA Does anybody famous do backing vocals on your album?

SICK OF IT ALL Strife showed up and we were dissed by our good friends in NOFX and Rancid.

STIGMA What's CIV like as a person?

SICK OF IT ALL He's really cool and he does good tattoos. That's why Pete isn't here right now.

Str-8 Did you like Underdog, back in the day?

SICK OF IT ALL Hell's yeah! We played with them a lot. They were a great band. My favorite 7 inch of all time.

SICK OF IT ALL You want to hear my favorite joke? What were you eating under there?

xIGNITEx What?

SICK OF IT ALL You are supposed to say "underwear."


ostiguy Favorite TV shows?

SICK OF IT ALL Simpson's, The Tick... I don't remember any others.

SICK OF IT ALL I have to get going soon. The 7 train is pretty rickety and I don't know if it will make it back.

xIGNITEx Thanx Lou, it was real cool. Hope to see you in Greece.


SICK OF IT ALL Let's do this again. Hope you like the new record. Good night.

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