'Breaking Dawn' VMA Trailer: Experts Decode Vampire Action

After the premiere of the final 'Twilight' trailer during Thursday's show, we analyze the entire clip second by chilly second.

We know you've just watched the new (and final!) trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" about six times, but once you've caught your breath and finished watching the rest of the MTV Video Music Awards, it's time for a little analysis.

Of course, what would a heart-pounding trailer like this one be without a roundtable discussion of a few "Twilight" experts? Watch as we walk through some of the key moments in the trailer, then read on for a deeper exploration. You're going to need something to pass the time between now and the movie's release on November 16, after all.

Bella the Vamp

We've all gasped in awe at the beauty of Kristen Stewart as a vampire and we've all sighed at the romantic thought that she and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are now the same cold temperature, but we haven't seen Ol' Red Eyes put her new powers to the test. That is, until now.

Sure, we saw her stare down that deer in the previous clip, but seeing her go after that massive mountain lion? Now that was something! This moment, with Bella diving after the dangerous cat, had audiences roaring with excitement at San Diego Comic-Con. We're so glad to finally be able to see it.

Human Bella was a little anxious and klutzy. Vampire Bella appears to be rather fearless and adroit. She's jumping down massive waterfalls and running with ease, all while rocking a much more glamorous wardrobe (thank you, Alice).

Ain't Renesmee Cute?

We caught a glimpse of Bella and Edward's spawn in the previous trailer, but this one gives us more of a lasting look. And, man, is Mackenzie Foy adorable. She couldn't look more like a mix of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson if a computer created her. That moment where she's wearing the backpack, holding Bella's hand and they both look back over their shoulder? Heart-melting.

New Vampires, Ahoy!

The flashes come quick, but that doesn't mean we're any less excited about these new glimpses at the new vampires. Zafrina (Judith Shekoni) is spooked into a tree -- so cool! -- Garrett (Lee Pace) looks breathless and Benjamin (Rami Malek) looks red-eyed and contemplative. More, please.

Edward Smash!

Who knew "Twilight" had so much in common with "The Avengers" and "The Matrix"? Edward finally gets a break from moping and pining to show off just how powerful he is. We see him go all Hulk on the Volturi, smashing his fist into some ice and cracking the ground in two. Later, he grabs Bella and flings her around, using her legs to knock down those nasty Volturi like bowling pins. The action is sweet and, yeah, totally sexy.

They. Were. Running!

Yes, that's a terrible "Forrest Gump" reference, but it's true nonetheless. OK, so we haven't done a frame-by-frame count, but this trailer probably has more running than any other "Twilight" movie thus far. Clearly, some vamps have been hitting the treadmill.

The Final Showdown

At the end of "New Moon," we all knew the Volturi weren't about to let Bella, Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan live happily ever after. Still, leave it to Maggie Grace to tattle on the newlyweds and their baby-making skills and thus start an all-out war.

And war is what it looks like we get. The battle sequences highlighted in this trailer are downright epic, with all the Cullen-wolf alliance making grizzly faces and running for their lives as the massive Volturi clan marches ominously in black. Yikes!

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