Corey Taylor Tells Fearful Slipknot Fans To 'Grow Up!'

'They go, 'Oh, I can't live [without the band],' ' singer says. 'Please.'

Hear ye, hear ye, devoted maggots: Fear not, for there will be a new Slipknot record in the not-so-distant future. But whether the band carries on after that, no one can say for sure.

Frontman Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root are off doing Stone Sour, and drummer Joey Jordison is filling in for Korn's on-hiatus drummer David Silveria during this summer's Family Values Tour (see [article id="1555661"]"Korn, Evanescence, Hellyeah Top Family Values Tour Bill"[/article]). So the members of Slipknot don't have any definitive plans to begin writing new material for their next LP and have no idea when they'll record it

(see [article id="1546561"]"The Last Days Of Slipknot? Clown Explains Making Of 'Voliminal' DVD"[/article]).

"Nothing's really been written yet, and it's just kind of up in the air right now," Taylor said. "We're definitely going to do at least one more Slipknot album, let's put it that way. But after that, who knows? You get to a point in life where you've said all you can really say with one thing, and I've still got some stuff I want to say with Slipknot. But who knows where I'll be after that. So I want to at least make one more, and then I don't know what's going to happen."

Taylor is well aware that the band's fans will be summarily bummed if the 'Knot decide to call it a day after reconvening for the recording of -- and subsequent touring around -- their impending studio offering, to which the singer responded, "Grow up!" Taylor said he'd like Slipknot to go out when the time is right and doesn't want to see the band hanging on past its prime.

"If [the fans] really sat down and thought about what Slipknot is and what Slipknot was, I think it would make sense to them," he said. "Anytime you drive something into the dirt, it's not the same as it was. It doesn't have the same potency, the same meaning. I think any real Slipknot fan would appreciate that. I'm not saying it will be the last album from us -- I'm saying it most likely ... I mean, we're at least doing one more. People are very pessimistic, and instead of looking at things in a pragmatic mindset, they go, 'Oh, I can't live.' Please."

Taylor is more certain about Stone Sour's future. "I will always make music with Stone Sour," he said. "Stone Sour will always be here" (see [article id="1549465"]"Stone Sour's Sweet Success May Mean Slipknot-Free 2007"[/article]).

To that end, the band's label, Roadrunner Records, plans to reissue Stone Sour's 2006 LP, Come What(ever) May, in expanded form, with loads of unreleased material. Taylor said the special digipak edition of the disc will be in stores this summer and will feature six acoustic tracks that either didn't make the cut the first time around or have been recorded since Come What(ever) May's release -- including a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game." The set will also boast two DVDs, which will include all the videos the band shot for the album and a live performance captured in November when the band played before 8,000 people in Moscow.

"Five of the tracks were actually recorded during the original album sessions," Taylor said. "And there's a spoken-word piece I was going to put on the album, but the songs were so strong that we decided, 'Screw it, we can always release it somewhere.' And with 'Wicked Game,' the original is amazing, but the way that we play it, it's not as technical. But at the same time, there's a melancholy about it that's really cool."

Taylor said that while he hasn't given it much thought, he wouldn't be opposed to releasing material as a solo artist. "People keep asking me about that, and I don't know," he explained. "It's a little soon to talk about that. If I wanted to, I could -- I have enough songs that I've written on my own. But right now I have two bands [not counting his two cover bands, Audacious P and Dum Fux] -- I don't need a third."

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