Sneak Peek: The 'Love At First Lie' Cast Is Told To 'Trust No One'

Start spotting the fakes beginning October 12

"Take a look around you, and trust no one." 

Ominous words, courtesy of Tori Spelling, the host of Love at First Lie.

In a sneak peek of the premiere of the first-ever relationship mystery competition series, above, lovebirds (and fraudsters) exchange niceties as they settle into their luxurious villa in Malta. But then Tori arrives and delivers some truths about the players.

"While some of you are lovers -- real couples in real relationships -- some of you are liars," Tori states in the sneak peek clip below. "Fake couples here to deceive you."

Gasps of "what?" and "no way!" echo among the crowd -- but could those be from the con artists or genuinely shocked, authentic folks? 

What rules does Tori explain to the cast? And who is the first pair the viewers will officially meet? Watch the entire clip, and do not miss the series premiere of Love at First Lie on Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c.

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