Ethan Hawke Gets Ready To Suck As Vampire Researcher

Thankfully, we're here to end the confusion. The "Before Sunrise" star's agent confirmed to MTV News that Hawke actually plays both: a vampire researcher who searches for an alternative to human blood, which has become scarce as more and more people become creatures of the night. "It takes place in the future and the whole world is vampires. We're eating our own resources so people are trying to come up with blood substitutes, trying to get us off of foreign humans," Hawke said. "It's a huge allegory for where we are."

But just because it's an allegory for a serious issue (dwindling fossil fuels), that doesn't mean the flick takes itself seriously, said Hawke. "[It's] low art," the former Mr. Thurman confessed. "Completely unpretentious and silly."

"Daybreakers" co-stars Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill.

Serious question: From "Day of the Dead" to "Daybreakers," why does horror lend itself particularly well to satire? Sound off below.