Redman Confirms Plans For 'Blackout! 3' And 'Muddy Waters 2'

Def Jam veteran says things are about to get 'even f--kin' muddier' on the follow-ups.

With Def Jam celebrating 30 years as hip-hop's most storied record label, it's only fitting that one of its banner artists, Redman, has some big things brewing for nostalgic rap fans.

First up for the Funk Doctor Spock is the third installment of Blackout! his popular collaborative album series with longtime partner in rhyme, Method Man. With a laundry lists of classic tracks like ""Da Rockwilder," "How High" and "A-YO" on their collabo curriculum vitae, it's no wonder fans are chomping at the bit for another sonic bite of that '90s-era flow.

"We gon' do Blackout! 3," Redman assured MTV News backstage at Def Jam's 30th Anniversary showcase at SXSW. "RZA, Erick Sermon, get y'all asses up! Rockwilder, get yo muthaf--kin' ass up! We need a Blackout! 3 album. Once we get our beats from RZA, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder, then we can take other producers that wanna be a part of the Redman and Method Man experience."

For fans of the classic LP Muddy Waters, Red has a sequel of sorts in the works that'll bring back that old hip-hop love affair with samples.

"I'm coming out with a Muddy Waters 2. It's gon be called Even Muddier. I'm not trying to top the Muddy Waters album. What I'm doing by naming it Muddy Waters 2 is to let you relive that '90s kind of sound and experience," he said, referring to the beats he's choosing for the follow-up. "It's not gonna be sounding too much New Wave. Not too much high hats, you know the fast high hats? None of that... I'm using samples, so that's why I'm calling it 'Muddy Waters 2.' Even f--kin' muddier!"

And for the marijuana fans? Don't fret, Redman has something up his sleeve for you, too -- a follow-up to his cult classic stoner flick, "How High." Nevermind the fact that he doesn't own the rights to use the characters from the film, as he pulls out his iPhone for proof of his efforts, Redman is still charging ahead to make movie magic once again.

"I wrote that sh-- on 2/9/14, the story board, plot summary, I can't even show y'all that right now," Redman said. "Our ideas was the first 'How High,' from movies that we liked and our ideas so come on, that sh-- is right here just to let y'all know I don't play no games. The 'High How 2,' hopefully we could do that under Universal, if not, we gonna do our own movie under our own sh-- and it will be heavily marijuana related."

Whether onstage or off, one thing's for sure: you can always count on Redman to give the people what they want.

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