Mumford & Sons Only 'Think' They Understand 'Lover Of The Light' Video

'Some people don't really understand it, which is 'great,'' Marcus Mumford says of the band's new clip, directed by (and starring) actor Idris Elba.

Mumford & Sons' new "Lover of the Light" video is unlike any the band has ever made ... and not just because they don't even show up in it for a single frame.

Directed by -- and starring -- actor Idris Elba, the "Light" video tells the story of a blind man who literally leaves his disability at the door, ditching his cane and wandering out into the wide world. And though he's sightless, he bravely dashes through a forest, sprints toward the edge of a cliff and lives his life unencumbered, for the first time. It is an incredibly powerful, moving thing, a clip meant to both inspire and empower ... which is exactly what they were going for when they sat down with Elba to discuss the treatment. And even if the finished product has left some of their fans slightly bewildered, well, that's perfectly fine with everyone involved.

"We met him in a pub in London, and we had a chat, and talked about doing something that was, as a music video, very different from anything we've done before," Marcus Mumford told MTV News. "Firstly, we wouldn't be in it, which is a real relief to us, and secondly, it would be kind of observational, rather than narrative. Some people don't really understand it, which is great, because all that we do is very understandable ... so it's nice to have something that's a little more challenging to understand."

In fact, even Mumford will admit that the band aren't entirely clear about the video's true meaning, though really, they couldn't be happier with the second clip off their [article id="1697308"]Babel[/article] album ... and not just because they got to work with one of their idols.

"I think we understand it, I think we do," Mumford laughed. "But [Elba] was great, we sat and talked and shared some ideas and visions, and he's one of our favorite actors as well."

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