Did Kayla's Baby Daddy Deserve 'One Last Chance' On 'Young And Pregnant'?

As she gears up for baby number two, she tried to make amends with Stephan

Kayla attempted to make good and set up some sort of visitation arrangement with her first baby daddy, Stephan, who has been in and out of their son Izaiah's life and hadn’t seen the boy in months. But during this week’s installment of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant the soon-to-be-mother of two found herself disappointed once again with her former beau.

The context: The pregnant mama told Luke that she texted Stephan -- who found out about her baby news via social media -- and asked him to meet up so they could discuss things; she wanted Zay to have his dad in his life, just as the new baby will. She didn’t have high expectations, though.

“He was supposed to see Izaiah a few different times, and he didn’t show up for any of them, but I want to give him that chance,” she said. “I hope since I’m telling him that this is your last chance to be a part of this kid’s life that he’ll be like, ‘Oh sh*t, I need to go’. But I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, Stephan told a friend that he was “contemplating” meeting up with Kayla but thought it would just bring more drama. “My life is better without her in it,” he said matter-of-factly, though he admitted he did want to spend time with his son.


As Kayla suspected, Stephan never showed up for the conversation, never mind even respond to her texts on the day of the planned meet-up.

“I don’t owe him anything because I went above and beyond to let him be a part of Izaiah’s life, and he never follows through,” she told BFF Annabell. “He can’t show up ever. It’s exhausting, and I’m over it.”

Did Stephan deserve this final chance, or should Kayla have given up a long time ago? Will he eventually come around? Tell us your predictions, then keep watching new episodes of Young and Pregnant Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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