13 'Star Wars' Tattoos For The Galaxy’s Most Badass Rebels

This ink would all be right at home on 'Tattoo'ine!

"Star Wars" really brings out the creativity in people, from cosplayers to painters, musicians, and so much more. But if you want to permanently show your love for one of the most successful, groundbreaking science fiction series of all time (yeah "Trek" fans, get at me!), then you're going to need a "Star Wars" tattoo.

Here are a few of our favorites -- at least until "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes out and inspires a whole new batch of would be inkers. Or maybe we'll see some awesome tats we haven't seen before at San Diego Comic-Con this year, too...

All of these beauties

Tattooist Tyler Nealeigh went viral last year during Thanksgiving when he inked what the Internet thinks might be the first BB-8 tattoo ever, but his whole portfolio is full of ridiculously amazing "Star War" tats. Digging that dapper stormtrooper especially, dude.

Lightsaber finger tats!

Finger tattoos, like this nifty one of Obi Wan Kenobi's lightsaber as done by Devan Vankirk/a>, are a time-honored classic. Also, great for winning thumb wars.

Tribal Darth Maul/Vader Sleeve

This tattoo by Jack Mauk is befitting of a true Sith Lord.

Stormtrooper Cone

By Linda Moberg and worn by Trinedarre.

This amazing sleeve.

Art by Jim Warf of Elizabeth Street Tattoo. Also, dang.

STORMTrooper (Get It?)

Aw, poor guy, his mascara's running! Art by Scotty Munster at Old Towne Tattoo.

These photorealistic Luke

By Josh Bodwell of the AMC reality show "Epic Ink," this gorgeous tattoo looks just like the real thing.

Origami Yoda

Fold or do not, there is no try. By Denis Torikashvili.

This watercolor stormtrooper helmet

Mike Bianco of San Francisco Pier 39 is a Lucas Arts licensed tattoo artist, so you KNOW his stuff is good.

Our favorite "Star Wars" couple

Holy DANG, that's a TATTOO? Nikko Hurtado of Black Anchor is a wizard.

Speaking Of Side-Arms...

Holy DANG, these sleves by Nathan at Holdfast Tattoos in Washington are just incredible.

Han Solo Pin Up

Who says Leia should get all the sexy poses? Not tattoo artist Jon Young, that's for sure.

Rebel Logo

This Cloud City-inspired tattoo has some gorgeous, gorgeous art by Barry of Waukesha Tattoo Co.

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