Eamon Distances Himself From Frankee Track, Welcomes Her To Ho-Wop World

Says only involvement with dis was granting licensing permission.

The back-and-forth about Eamon's "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)" and Frankee's response song, "FU Right Back," stopped for a minute, but now both songwriters are back at it.

The latest development comes from Eamon, who last week revealed that he was in on Frankee's dis track from the start and that his creative team was actually involved in auditioning girls to create the song (see [article id="1485538"]"That Eamon Dis Track? Ho-Wopper Now Claims He Was Behind It"[/article]). Now the pop/R&B singer is clarifying his position.

"I was not involved with 'FU Right Back,' " he said in a statement. "I have never met Frankee and she is definitely not my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend."

Written from the perspective of an ex-girlfriend, Frankee's "FU Right Back" calls Eamon out for being lousy in bed and nearly giving her crabs (see [article id="1485501"]"Eamon's Alleged Old Flame Burns Him With Dis Track"[/article]). Eamon said last week that he was amused by the Frankee song, but the more people ask him about it, the less entertained he becomes. At this point, he seems interested only in distancing himself even further from her song.

"The only way I was associated with ['FU Right Back'] was when I was asked for licensing permission by Frankee's representatives, which makes me a writer on her song by copyright law," he said. "But I really didn't expect all this to come out of it. They are having fun with it, it's cool, but in the end they are paying me for their 15 minutes of fame and I welcome her to my world of ho-wop!"

Eamon's new assertion comes closer to Frankee's claim that she and a friend conceived and wrote "FU Right Back," which combines "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)" with new lyrics. "I don't know where he got that story from [that girls were auditioned to create a dis track,]" Frankee said. "After hearing the record, I started thinking that maybe it was about me and I actually have a friend at a record label, and I presented the idea to her, so we wrote the song together."

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