Fergie, Cher, Others Celebrate At 'Glamour' Women Of The Year Event

Julia Roberts also honored at event held at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

NEW YORK -- There were plenty of A-listers on hand at the Glamour Women of the Year event on Monday night in New York City. They were there to pay homage to the women that the magazine has dubbed the Women of 2010. With everyone from Kate Hudson to Hilary Swank to Donatella Versace to Janelle Monáe there to celebrate, some of the night's biggest recipients were a bit floored by the honor bestowed upon them.

"You know, it's hard for me because it just feels like it should be someone else," Legend (Lifetime Achievement Award) winner Cher told MTV News on the red carpet at Carnegie Hall, where the event took place. "It seems like I should be here presenting, because 'lifetime achievement,' I don't know, it seems like it should be for something more than just doing my work, for doing the work that I've done. I'm an entertainer ... it just seems like it should be someone more."

And while she ate, prayed and loved her way through 2010, the Class Act recipient, Julia Roberts, noted she had someone significantly less famous in mind for her woman of the year. "Oh! My mom [is my choice]! Every year, of course!"

Roberts was happy to be there, saying, "Well, I've only been here for about 45 seconds so, so far so good. It's nice. It's sweet. I've heard about this event for years and years and it seems like a great fun girls' night with some men thrown in there for good measure."

Superstar award recipient[article id="1651356"]Fergie[/article] was the princess of the ball, as well as this month's Glamour cover girl, three times over. "I know, what a brat!" she laughed about her multiple covers. "You know I think my favorite is the one with the T-shirt. It's kind of like I got the T-shirt out of my boyfriend's closet and just threw on some heels. It's kind of sexy like that."

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