11 Best Celeb Selfies From The Grammys

From Chrissy Teigen's naked post to Jared Leto's hair, here are our favorite Instagrams.

Since most of us will never get to see the Grammys in real life, thankfully, there are celebs who flooded Instagram with red-carpet glamour shots, gramophone mugs and countless selfies. Let's be honest, if you were at the show, you'd take a selfie too.

These are the stars I'd give a Grammy to if there were awards for the best selfies snapped in the Staples Center Sunday night.

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Neil Patrick Harris: Best Photobomb

NPH presented at the awards show, but his photobomb of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's selfie deserved an award of its own.

Chrissy Teigen: Best Naked Selfie

The model took a blurry post-shower selfie before slinking into the stunning gold sequined gown she wore to the awards show.

Chrissy Teigen: Best Trashcan Selfie

Is this a thing? If it's not it should be. The actress/model took a break from the show to charge her phone and pose with the waste bin.

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Austin Mahone: Best First Time Selfie

The teen heartthrob looks at home on the red carpet at the Grammys. When he posted this shot, girls across the world swooned.

Jared Leto: Best Hair Selfie

I think I can speak for most of womankind when I say that I am jealous of Jared's godly locks and that I'll never be able to have such luscious curls. Clearly, his hair deserves some sort of award.

Sara Bareilles: Best Pre-Grammys Selfie

The singer/songwriter was nominated for two Grammys, but kept her cool by taking this cross-eyed shot with her coffee cup before getting ready for the show.

Jake Miller: Best Biceps Selfie

New artist Jake Miller wastes no time. He was found free weights in hand before the awards and snapped a selfie at the gym. Look at those muscles!

Foxes and Zedd: Best Candy Selfie

The up-and-comers paused for a moment posed with a candy classic. Twizzlers, anyone?

Jay Z: Best Drink-in-Hand Selfie

He has a cigar and what I can only hope is a stiff drink in hand. My only question is, "why isn't he drinking out of his new gold sippy cup?"

Rita Ora (with Calvin Harris): Best Miley-Tongue Selfie

The Grammy Awards were missing one thing, Miley Cyrus's tongue. Luckily, Rita Ora took a minute to pose with Calvin Harris and stick hers out for us.

Lalah Hathaway: Best This-Is-How-I-Really-Feel Selfie

The awards show lasted nearly four hours. I know if I were sitting there, I'd feel just like the Best R&B Performance winner.

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