Nelly, Brian McKnight Draining Their Pimp Juice In Vegas 'All Night Long'

Duo shooting video for 'U Turn' collaboration.

HOLLYWOOD -- Where better to drain your pimp juice than Vegas, baby, Vegas?

Nelly and Brian McKnight will do just that on Monday (June 30) when they shoot a video for their collaboration, "All Night Long," from McKnight's recent LP, U Turn.

"We are doing everything, anything that is possible," McKnight said at Tuesday's BET Awards (see [article id="1473259"]"BET Awards Night Belongs To 50 Cent, B2K, Jacko And ... Alien Ant Farm?"[/article]). "Basically it's just us chillin' in Vegas having a good time. Lots of ladies. I'll do some motorcycle tricks for you guys. It's going to be hot.

"It's called 'All Night Long' and whatever comes to mind is what the song is about," McKnight added with a smile.

"All Night Long" follows "Shoulda Woulda Coulda," the Underdogs-produced first single from U Turn, which also features Fabolous, Tyrese, Joe, Carl Thomas and Kirk Franklin.

While the R&B crooner can plan on the Nelly collaboration upping his profile as an artist, he's more focused on behind-the-scenes work. He recently launched his own label, which features a Boyz II Men-like group, a child artist and a country singer.

McKnight has also been busy writing songs for others, which range from jazz star Dave Koz to big-band groups to pop stars Justin Timberlake and Justin Guarini (see [article id="1472453"]"Justin Guarini Sets Out To Prove 'I Can Really, Really Sing' "[/article]).

"I've always done a little bit of that, but I never really publicized that I was," McKnight said. "If you come to my house and see that there are 60 million records on the walls of albums I've worked on, you'd be like, 'You worked on that? You worked on that?' Like, 'No way!' I just work man. I don't care."

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