Ten Years Ago, The Jonas Brothers Released 'It’s About Time' But You Can’t Buy It Anymore

Unless you have like, $300.

A year before the Jonas Brothers became Disney Channel heartthrobs, they were a trio performing Christian rock songs for small crowds in New York City night clubs, dressed in their best Ed Hardy T-shirts and Chuck Taylor's. The brothers were even known to message people on MySpace as they worked on cultivating a fan base.

Their hard work paid off with the release of their debut album, It's About Time, on August 8, 2006. The Columbia Records LP included eight tracks written by Nick, Joe, Kevin, and their father, Kevin Jonas Sr.. Two reworked versions of songs by U.K. pop-rock band Busted and a cover of late-'90s pop group LFO (best known for their hit "Summer Girls") rounded out the album.

The Jonas Brothers had a wholesome-but-hyper pop-rock sound (Kevin once described it as "music on Red Bull"). They soon took their music out on the road with successful acts like The Veronicas, Jesse McCartney, and Aly & AJ. But in spite of all this, Columbia Records dropped the band due to poor record sales and stopped printing and distributing copies of It's About Time in late 2006. According to a 2015 report from Billboard, the debut sold only 65,000 copies total.

Years later, after the bros had signed to Hollywood Records and sold out three nights at Madison Square Garden, Jonas Brothers fans went to war on eBay, trying to get copies of the "rare" debut album, which was going for $300 on the site. While the album is now available on both Spotify and iTunes, physical, sealed copies of It's About Time CD's — as well as vinyl copies given to a limited number of Jonas Brothers Fan Club members in 2012 — still sell for hundreds of dollars.

In celebration of the album's ten-year anniversary, we're reminiscing on the JoBros' earliest days by diving in, track-by-track, with some throwback performance videos.

"What I Go To School For"

The Jonas Brothers did a killer pop-rock cover of Busted's track.

"Time for Me to Fly"

Initially, only Nick was signed to Columbia Records, and this track was intended for his solo release as Nicholas Jonas.

"Year 3000"

The Jonases rereleased their cover of Busted's "Year 3000" when they signed on with Hollywood Records/Disney.

"One Day at a Time"

One of the most emo JoBro songs in existence.

"6 Minutes"

The JB changed some lyrics and reworked LFO's "6 Minutes" for a more teen-friendly sound.


The song, inspired by Joe's first love, Mandy Vanduyne, had a three-part music video series, which premiered on TRL.

"You Just Don't Know It"

OK, actually this might be the most emo Jonas Brothers song ever.

"I Am What I Am"

This is probably the only live performance of this song where Joe does not have his iconic tambourine.


"Everyone sees her but nobody knows her / She screams in her pillow for a better tomorrow."


The Jonas Brothers called the album It's About Time because, well, a lot of their song titles relate to time.

"Please Be Mine"

Another track Nick demo'ed for his solo album, Nicholas Jonas, but this version featured vocals and instruments from both Joe and Kevin.