Watch Karlie Kloss Cut Off A Huge Chunk Of Her Dress After The Met Gala

This is v stressful to watch

Karlie Kloss and designer Brandon Maxwell have discovered what may be the easiest and most efficient way to put on an after-party dress: Just cut the dress you're already wearing in half.

Before heading to the parties after Monday night's Met Gala, Karlie posted a (very stressful) video of Brandon cutting her long gown into a mini party dress. As he takes scissors to the dress, you can hear Brandon say "OK, we're drinking and cutting," while Karlie squeals, "This is a bad idea. Or maybe it's brilliant. I don't know."

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It ended up being brilliant. While if any ol' body attempted such a feat, it's hard to say that the dress would come out looking even. But Brandon is apparently a master with scissors, and you can't even tell that this well-above-the-knee dress was once a floor-sweeping gown. Bravo, sir.

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