Here's Your Step-By-Step Guide To Work The Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour App

The Drake Vs Lil Wayne app in 8 easy steps.

Growing up I was a huge fan of the "Street Fighter" video game series, so imagine my excitement when Drake and Lil Wayne announced their Drake Vs Lil Wayne Tour, using the iconic fighting game's fonts.

In the weeks leading up to the tour, the Young Money superstars even dropped at "SF"-inspired trailer (geeked) and now a phone app, developed with Capcom, the geniuses behind "Street Fighter."

I already got my ticket for Friday's (August 8) kick-off show and I'm making my way to Darien Center, New York, but before I stepped foot inside the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, I wanted to get familiar with this interactive Drake Vs Lil Wayne app.

Supposedly when concertgoers interact with the app, they can "power up" either Drake or Weezy and impact their performance on stage. It's all a little hard to imagine, so I figured I'd take it for a test run right before the show, because we all know how phone service gets at summer concerts.

1. Open The App

First step is opening the app, never mind the 27,000 unread emails and 175 voicemails, that's not important right now. Note, the wallpaper of the first time I met Weezy; it was a cool moment.

2. Marvel At The Title Screen

Once the app opens up you get this cool "Street Fighter"-inspired title screen. Round 1, fight!

3. Choose Your City

You have to chose your city, based on which concert you will be attending. You can catch me at the August 8 date.

4. Pick A Side

This is the hardest part of the whole thing. How does Young Money expect me to pick between Wayne and Drake? I spent a good 15 minutes just mulling this over. Argggh!

5. Mash The Buttons

Once the game starts, you tap the button at the bottom rapidly to build up your favorite artist's power meter and then send the energy from the app to the stage.

6. Send Your Energy

Once you send the energy to the stage you get a really polite message from either Weezy or Drizzy. Who says rappers can't have manners?

7. There's A Picture Mode Too

For all you selfie-freaks there's a picture mode to the app, where you could soup-up your pics. I decided to work with this pic that someone took of me at the Wiz Khalifa concert last week in New Jersey.


Just like Drake, I have a lot of favorite teams, so when I switch from the Washington Wizards to the Toronto Raptors it's okay. Also peep the VIP badge, that means I have to head backstage to try and get this interview. Peace!

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