Rammstein Mixing "Mutter" Album

Germany's Rammstein is currently mixing a "Mutter" of a new album in Sweden.

A spokesperson for the band's label in Hamburg told MTV News that a worldwide release for "Mutter" (German for "Mother") is tentatively set for early April.

The spokesperson confirmed that the group is also trying to ready a single for a pre-Christmas release, but added that those plans are also tentative.

The industrial, prog-metal outfit is hoping to equal or better the success of its last studio effort, 1998's "Sehnsucht," which spawned the single "Du Hast." The bandmembers previously told MTV News to expect a harder sound this time around (see [article id="1433610"]"Rammstein Promises 'Harder' New Album"[/article]).

The group is again working with its regular producer, Jacob Hellner (Clawfinger), who was at the console for "Sehnsucht" as well as its 1999 "Live Aus Berlin" album. Stefan Glaumann (Clawfinger, Drain STH) is handling mixing duties.

Rammstein, known for its fiery stage show, also has extensive tour plans in the works, with the most likely scenario seeing the group tour Germany in May with a U.S. trek to follow. Dates in Japan are also under consideration.

As previously reported by MTV News, Rammstein is set to headline Australia's Big Day Out festival in January (see [article id="1431242"]"Limp Bizkit, Rammstein Set For Aussie "Big Day Out"[/article]), although the band will not be debuting any new material at that time.

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